October 23, 2020

1979-02-25 – The Roswell Daily Record

1979 02 25 The_Roswell_Daily_Record_Sun__Feb_25__1979_

‘The Who' are back
following tragic iol’r

LONDON (UPI) - When the rock made an earlier brief British stage
opera “Tommy“ took a London stage appearance.

the other night it was the musical of "Tommy" confirmed The Who’s

the movie of the record. reputation. and then -- as Townshend

Once everything started with a putit—became "a millstone around
book. Now from “Superstar" and ournecks."

“Evita“ to “Sgt. Pepper“ and this

eardrum-punishing extravaganza. “The Who was sleepwalking along
what comes first is an album. the edge of a cliff." Townshend said in
But this album had to take a a recent newspaper interview. “The
quirky. twisted path toget on stage. band had become a celebration of
"Tommy.“ which tells of a blind itself. and was slow] grinding to a
boy who tilts his way to pinball halt. But no one woul takeadecision
wizardry and a kind of sainthood. is to call itaday."
one of rock music‘s most durable With Townshend steadily going
products. deaf. the band has been all but non-
Pete Townshend and The Who existent for the past three years—no
wrote and recorded it more than a British concert performances. only
decade ago. It was lavishly filmed by one album in that time. The jolt came

Ken Russell. was performed in a with the sudden drug death of
symphony orchestra version. and drummer Keith Moon.