October 20, 2020

1979-03-10 – St Cloud Times

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Rolling Stone

The Rolling Stones, in Nassau
cutting their next studio album,
took to the air in search planes
after road manager Allan Dunn
(a boyhood friend of Mick Jag-
ger's) was temporarily lost in the
Caribbean in a rubber dinghy
with Morona Herman of West
Chicago, Ill. High winds made
the search more difficult. but the
33-year-old Dunn and his com-
panion were rescued by a private
yacht after two days at sea.

Keith Richards, meanwhile,
gave a vodka-soaked interview
with Melody Maker magazine.
Likening himself to Sid Vicious
as the victim of a vindictive
legal system, Keith said, “I
mean, I didn’t (do anything to)
Margaret Trudeau. Ah hahs But
in that case, who did? Who
ripped the flimsy bathrObe
aside?" Keith didn't theorize
further, but he did comment on
Studio 54: “In New York they
ruined a perfectly good theater
by filling it with faggots in
boxing shorts waving cham-
pagne bottles in front of your
face." Keith then spoke of life on
heroin in the Chelsea Hotel:
“You had to be a certified dealer
to get a job as a bellboy." And,
while he jokingly proposed the
poppy as a cure for the common
cold, Keith said he's not recom-
mending drugs: “One show was
just like another it was like a
tunnel that got smaller and

Pete Townshend, who has
signed a solo contract with Atco
Records. continues to work in
the studio with the Who. The
group is recording with Crawler
keyboardist Rabbit Bundrick
and new Who drummer Kenney
J ones. The band will likely add a
permanent keyboardist and per-
haps a second guitarist. They
have not announced any tour
plans as yet. The film version of
“Quadmphenia” should be out
this. snmmer; meanwhile, Pete’s
supervising the music for “Tom-

my’s” run as a London musical.
Mabel King (the wicked witch
Evileene in “The Wiz") and
Bernadette Peters will play op-
posite Steve Martin in his new
movie, “The Jerk."

Teddy Pendergrass will star in
“The Otis Redding Story," to be
produced by Alive Enterprises
president Shep Gordon and Cap-
ricorn Records president Phil
Walden, who used to manage
Redding. A double-album
soundtrack, to feature Pender-
grass singing Redding‘s hits and
some never-released Redding
compositions, will soon be re-
leased. When a Bethesda, Md.,
FM station played a rehearsal
tape of Root Boy Slim and his
band doing “The Shah is Gone"
— an impromptu blues to the
tune of “The Thrill Is Gone,"
with apologies to BB. King —
the phone lines lit up with what
station manager Joe Lee says
were “crazed Iranians demand-
ing to have it played again.
Some sample lines are: ‘You
know them Iranians, they did
not dig his act; They were
throwin' rocks and shootin' at
the limo; On the way to the
airport and on the way back."

“It started out to be just a
dream. Well, dreams do come
true," said Stevie Nicks after
recently signing to play the title
role (singing her own songs on
the soundtrack) in an United
Artists film based on and titled
after her song, “Rhiannon." The
script, to be written by ”The
Man Who Fell to Earth” screen-
writer, Paul Mayersberg, will
derive from the Welsh myth of
the goddess Rhiannon, who falls.
in love with and marries an
earthly king, precipitating a bat-
tle between gods and men. Rob

' Cohen (“The Wiz") will produce;

executive producer is Danny
Goldberg, who has teamed with
former Bearsville Records presi-
dent (and former Nicks boy- ;
friend) Paul Fishkin to form ‘

' their own record label.