October 26, 2020

1979-03-28 – The Miami News

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W? mm”.-- .’

hurl" ll be tours again?

"Oh. tor sure. But we‘re golng to
be toning down. something we
probably should have done long ago
anyways. Besides. Pete’s gone on
record as saying the happiest mo-
ments of his life are on stage. He
just went through that too old to
rock 'n‘ roll thing and now he's
come out of it."

1 And what about you? How do
you feel about growing old In rock

“Well. i'm 35 now. Got me sell a
family. A wile. Kids. And I'll be
honest. you get protective. You
don't stay out all night and rave
around getting stoned with the
birds and all. Having children deli-
nltely changes you. When we were
doing ‘Who By Numbers.“ I thought
‘God. how awful, I hate this record.
Peter was just so obsessed with
growing old then. Now i look back
at that record and think. ‘lncredi-
ble. it's all there on vinyl now for
everybody who's going through the
same thing or will one day have to
go through it.‘ I mean. listen. it's all
b.s. what people say to you about
growing old. How great it is and
how you learn all these other
things. Hell. all the nice words in
the world can't stop you from
growing old. All you can do is face
the fact. get through it. no matter
what the pain. and then get on with

Talk about teellng old. Have you
. seen this week's issue of News.
week? It says on the cover ‘Dlsco
Takes Over.’

"(l.aughing) Y'knoxtu the iit-e
‘ (lees write. great songs. but why do
they have to sing in those damn
high voices? It's so laughable. Rock
'n' roll has always been a sexual
thing. and they just sound so
wimpy. (Laughing) i always
thought of doing, an album of all
their songs in my regular voice and

_ . ._ _,.. -.._.

calllng lt ‘Roger Daltrey Sings
Macho Dlaco.’ "
financial report time. When did
the Who begln to make money?
“Well, untll 'Tommy.‘ we were
broke. Never had a dime. How
could we? in those days we
smashed $500,000 worth of equip-
ment. 1 think that would be about
82 million today. So we never saw
any money untll ‘Tommy.’ Then it
came in bundles. But it doesn't real~
ly matter. I'm almost broke now
egaln with the English tax situa-
tion. I'm paying 83 per cent. And it
it doesn’t change soon. 1'" probably
have to move. simply because i
can’t allord to live there anymore."
You really love belng on stage
more than anyone I’ve ever seen.
“Bloody right. mate. There's no
high like it. Y’know. i’m going to
start work on a film shortly about
an English criminal. Gonna get my
hair cut real short and everything.
You see. i can really relate to that
lifestyle. if it hadn't been for rock
'n' roll. i’d have been a criminal. in
fact. i think they're very similar.
anyways. That rush a bank robber
must get sitting in the car just be-
fore he holds up a bank. The palms
sweating and his stomach going
over and over. it must be incredible.

Probably just how i feel before i go ,

on stage."

So much for lowering the crime
rate. Last questlon. Does it (eel
weird having been a rock star for so

“Well. it feels weird and also
very lucky. It's just such a funny
thing. Being a rock star means so
much to some people and to others.
well. like the other day. My little
girl was talking to one of her
friends and she was asked. ‘What
does your father do?‘ and she said,
‘My dad‘s a pop singer.’ And her
friend said. ‘Oh. that‘s nice. but my
dad‘s a bus driver.‘ "

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'If it hadn't been for rock 'n' roll, l‘d have been a criminal'

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