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1979-05-18 – Pensacola News Journal

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The Who Wows Home Fans at Tour Stori

"This is Kenney Jones. here's his brandy.
we‘re the '.‘00 " said Pete Townshend. and
with a sweep of his hand. the Who’s first
live gig in two years was under way at Lon-
don’s 4000-seat Rainbow Theater on May 1.
Tickets for the surprise appearance (the
Who's May 12 appearance at Cannes. in
support of their two movies. "Quadro-
phenia" and "The Kids Are Alright." had
originally been touted as the band‘s official
return) sold out within hours of a spot radio

Avid fans threw a volley of shirts onstage
as the group launched into "Substitute."
and the next number. "Can't Explain." pro-
vided the unusual sight of wild pogoing
near stage front as most of the audience

stood on their seats. The band's manage-
ment had said the Who felt they owed it to
their English fans to begin their live Come-
back at home. Pete. about to sing "Long
Live Rock." said "It’s about this place (the

New keyboardist Rabbit Bundrick, who
the band is now calling a "permanent side-
man." seemed right at home as he paced a
fiery break during "The Music Must
Change." and Jones. playing in a style much
sparer than that of the late Keith Moon. was
welcomed heartily by the crowd. "We're
still talkin' 'bout my generation," spat out a
fired-up Roer Daltrey as the group per~
formed "My Generation" before closing
with "Won‘t Get Fooled Again." Townshend
flipped his guitar into the air as the band
mebers walked off; after the encore. "The
Real Me." he whacked a second guitar to
the ground. then kicked down two stacks of
amps and linked arms with Daltrey and

John Entwistle. They beckoned Jones. then
Bundrick. to the front of the stage for the
crowd‘s ovation.

The Who were scheduled to play two
shows in Paris a week after the (‘annes gig.
and they were still talking about four nights
at New York‘s Madison Square Garden in