October 27, 2020

1980-01-12 – The Indianapolis News

1980 01 12 The_Indianapolis_News_Sat__Jan_12__1980_

Mod Movie Character
Suffers 4-Way Split



terrific moviie about a familiar sub-

ject: teen-age tnistration.

(The movie is scheduled to open
Friday at Castleton 1. Greenwood.
and [news and).

The trials oi adolescence have been
since Eddie Cochran first complained
time Blues."ago

Few forces have dealt with the sub-
ject as consistently or 3 well as the
whose influence and popularity is
rivaled only by the Beatles and the


character who. for theatrical effect,
was struck deal, dumb and blind.

Restlessly Drifting Along


for a more straightia'ward a to
“Quadrophenia.” Jimmy. main
character in the concept LP, m meal

to represent dntinnarflsotEmlish
young people adriitinarestleasmid-
far from the simple‘ ‘sdiizophrem'c”
designationofhisdoctor. heactuallyis


ing in his theatrical film debut. has
wisely played down the Who music —
this is not a concert movie — and
played up the drama. Except for the
closing sequence. there are only occa-
sional snippets of theflho music.

Better Than The 8001:

Unlike Ken Russell’s burlesque
movie version of “Tommy," the result
isapop-culturerarity: aiilmthatis
better than the hook or album that it
was based on. “ " isn't
always easy to follow. You have to
strain to cut through the thick British
accents in spots and some references
will healientoAmeriean andiemes.but


< itality and conviction that it trans "Graffiti” was a my. nostalgic look at innocence. Whatever the momentary problems. the Mute al- ways was bright. “Quadrophenia” threatens to explode at every turn. Given the limited social mobility in Britain. the future promised only more 'oithesameimstration'l‘lmghtheiilm is in color. its grainy. overcast mood mm you think back on it in black and ‘te. mo’li'apped between his deadend mail- mjob and soaring desires, Jimmy. who is played with correct- ness by relative newcomer Phil youths who suffer the same repression but who assert their own identity thronghleatherjaeketsalflmotorcy antagonktn The experience and his mates reac- tiom leave Jimmy dkillmioned. Only onehope remains: Ace. the coolest of the Mods. But even he turns out to he a patsy in the system. so Jimmy finally realizes his future — if any a depends on his own inner “W" suffers from some of the same elements that troubled the album — familiar scenes of parental employer rejection and an ending that remains somewhat hazy. In fact. the film loses much oi its crispness after the riot. Still, Roddam injects “Quad- rophenia" with all the energy. aimless- ness and aspiration: of youth. The cast — featuring Sting, oi the rock band Police. as Ace - consists mostly oi unknown, but they fit so naturally into the film that you'd swear Roddam recruited them at a Mod mention.