October 24, 2020

1980-02-09 – Reno Gazette Journal

1980 02 09 Reno_Gazette_Journal_Sat__Feb_9__1980_

The Who will start recording their first LP
for Warner Bros. in London this month, with
Eagles producer Bill Szymczyk running the
board. According to a group spokesman, ”the
Who want to record the album and get. it cut
as quickly as possible."

In addition, Pete 'I‘ownshend’s first solo
album is due out on Atco in late March; it
was produced by Chris Thomas (who did the
Sex Pistols’ and the Pretenders’ LPS) and en-
gineered by Bill Prince, who also engineered
the new Clash album, ”London Calling." In
April, Polydor will release “Public Enemy
Number One,” the soundtrack to a new
Roger Daltrey movie about a well-known Erlv
glish criminal named McVicar. Daltrey sings
all—new material on the album. and members
of the Who provide backup.

Finally; the Who are also planning their
next US. tour. A series of West Coast dates is
tentatively set to begin in April. with an East
Coast swing to follow in the summer.