October 21, 2020

1980-03-27 – The Dispatch

1980 03 27 The_Dispatch_Thu__Mar_27__1980_

I read some place that the original
members of The Who consider drum-

mer Keith Moon’s (right) death a saving
sacrifice to them. Is that true?

After Moon’s death from an overdose,

both Roger Daltrey (left) and Pete Town-
shend (second from left) were quoted as saying
the event had an almost spiritual effect on
them. “I don’t think the group would be here if
Keith hadn‘t died," says Townshend. 35. “We
certainly wouldn’t be doing the kind of things
we’re doing now.” Daltrey adds, “Keith’s life
and death were a gift to the group. A sacrifice
to allow us to continue." “The worst thing is
that none of us were there when he died," says
John Entwistle (second from right).

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