October 29, 2020

1980-04-16 – The Ottawa Journal

1980 04 16 The_Ottawa_Journal_Wed__Apr_16__1980_

B. C. ‘Who jitters’ unfounded

'« By Clive Mostyn

VANCOUVER — A local radio sta-
tion was talking about “Who jitters. ”
— But theWho. onebf the last reigning
,. British rock super groups. blasted out
a two-hour concert to an appreciative,
‘ wellobehaved crowd of 16,000 scream-
ing fans who crammed into the Pacific

Coliseum Monday night

Famous for their on-stagetfieyrotech
nics and smashing sprees,

‘ first leg of this North American tour
was marred when 11' youngsters were
killed in a mad stampede _at the
Riverside Coliseum in Cincinnati Dec.

- But tight security here kept'the few

crazies in check and a brilliantly-or-
ganized ticket lottery for a Vancouver
rock bash resulted in a tidal wave of
800. 000 letters rather than a crushing
mob of gate—crasher’s. '

It was the Who' 3 first appearance in
Vancouver in 12 years. an oversight
lead guitarist Peter Townshend at-
tempted to mollify with his opening
remark: .“We won’t leave you alone

One of the last British rock “inva-

sion" groups to survive the 705 rela-
tively intact. the Who blasted out their
trademark brand of musical cynicism
which typified the mid-19605 mod-
rocker culture that spawned them.

TownShend, lead singer Roger Dal-
trey and bassist John Entwistle form
the core of the group. Former Faces
drummer Kenn Jones replaced the
Who’s original rummer, Keith Moon.
a wildly Unpredictable, hotel-room
trashing eccentric who died of a seda-
tive overdose in September. 1978, at
age 32.

John (Rabbit) Bundrick on key-

board ave an added dimension, espe-
cially uring Music Must Change and
me throbbing Underture from the

group‘s rock opera Tommy.

Athletic form

Monday’s appearance revealed a
fresh, vigorous band. obviously eager
to put down suggestions the Who are

The 34-year-old Daltrey, his hair
cropped punker-close and wearing a
soon-to-be-discarded black leather
jacket, white T-shirt and jeans, strut-

ted around the stage. 'his compact,
athletic form a curious counterpoint to
Townshend. 36, a gangiy figure,
famous for his guitar-smashing out-
bursts and windmill strumming.

But there was no guitar-smashing as
the sweat-drenched Townshend, Dal-

trey and J ones, watched by the quietly
bemused Entwistle, 35, pumped out

more than 20 numbers. including
standby favorites I Can't Explain.
Substitute, Who Are, You?, Pinball
Wizard, My Generation and Won't Get
Fooled Again.

A threepiece horn section hired for
this tour fleshed out a musical shape
that threatened at times to disinte-
grate in the huge building.

Coliseum manager Mario Caravetta
was pleased with the concert and said
the new fully-reserved seating policy

for all rock concerts, which came into
effect Dec. 1, will remain.

The Who plays a two—day engage-
ment at Seattle Coliseum last night
and tonight before heading for stops in
San Francisco. Salt Lake City.
Denver, and Toronto and Montreal in
the first week of May. CANADIAN PRESS