October 22, 2020

1980-04-24 – Des Moines Tribune

1980 04 24 Des_Moines_Tribune_Thu__Apr_24__1980_

The Who — Who? A hard rock
group that’s still one of the hottest
acts around. Their rock Opera
“Tommy” was staged all over the
world besides being a hit movie.
—At Hilton Coliseum, Apr. 29.
Tickets $12. Call (515) 294-2436.-

Michael Johnson — Nothing to
be “Bluer than Blue” about when

this Top 40 artist makes his ap-

——At the Civic Center, May 2.
Tickets $7.50 and $8.50. Call

Bonnie Raitt —- Get a taste of
country with the blues from this
popular guitarist-singer.

—At the Civic Center, May 7.
Tickets $8.50. Call 243-1120.

Eddie Babbitt — This “rabbitt”
should get you twitching with his
assortment of country-western
tunes and, of course, his big hit
from the Clint Eastwood movie of
the same name: “Every Which
Way But Loose.“

—At the Civic Center, May 8.
Tickets $7.50 and $8.50. Call

musical direction of Eugene

—At C. Y. Stephens Auditorium,

May 15-17. Tickets 86 to $38. Call
(515) 294-2436.

Engelbert — He started out in
India as simply Arnold George

years, he’ll give shows at 7 and 10

—At the Civic Center, May 20.
Tickets $12.50 and $15.00. Call

Civic Center tole number for out-of-
tovm callers: (800) 532-1435.

Members of The Who rock group include, from left, John
Entwistle, Kenny Jones, Roger Daltry and Peter Townshend.