October 26, 2020

1980-04-30 – The Orangevale News

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Pm 12—- Tne Hens o! Orangexate aecmesaau ADM 36 test


team m early m’s. perfumed be
1&3 sdleut and at the Oakland
Cw two Sundays ago. leaving no
st gflzk-n—rdl hands m the canary.

WM a legend in the rock :1 rd!
hefl. The Who triumphantly returned
to Oakland after suffering W
tum tragic incidents; the death d
dmmer Keith Moon and the (‘in
eipti riot. where eleven people wen
trupled to death.

'ch the lead guitar at Pete rou-
shfl and the vocals of Rmer Daluy.
thehand executed an array (1 hits. in
“Who Are You?" "Baba O‘Riley.“
Pm ll Wizard" and “My bene" ra-

fine Townshend. utilizing several
Mrs. performed with uncanny
exflllencet Hts patented high-kick
am clockwu'k guitar playing kept the
audience on their feet. His perfor-
mance validated the fact that he is one
of the mmt talented guitar players in
the world. Townshend also supplied
tine lead vocals on “Goodby T0 The

Roger Daltry supplied his usual
mike—tWtrling lead vocals, belting out
the words with exceptional clarity.
Hts harmonica solo during Baba
U‘Riley t'l‘eenage ‘Vastelandl was one
of the high points of the evening

Kenny Jones, the replacement {or
Moon, powered the Who just as Moon
had done in his day. His percussion
was clean and crisp. including numerrr
nus solos.

Most of the audience, particularly
those older in the crowd, were content
to remain in their seats and mellow
with the music. But some of the more
energetic types danced and boogied in
the overcrowded hallways. enjoying
The Who‘s energy-t'illed brand of rock

A southern rock band named Black-

After 1 5 years the kids are still alright

foot was surprize guest, opening the
show with an extremely short 20—min-
ute set They played a very popular
tune entitled “Train" and also perfor-
med “Got My Eye On You". "Wishing day camp
Well“. and "Road Fever“ They fin- - ,. , . .
ished with a song written by the late {C?dsfilmrgg 13:112. rffigm‘; N . Patios, Driveways, 9'
Ronnie Van Sant of Lynyrd Skynyrd. through 6 grade is plan
entitled “Highway Song." ned 3’, Negro Bar State I q 50 mggwm

The Who whose musac speaks of Park. The sessions will W‘
youth, sometimes drugs and always run from June 16 t0 Au- '
happiness. is still the same band that gust 22 Call the YMCA in
they were when they released Who's Orangevale for there in-
Next back in the 60’s. And there is one formation 9886666
thing thats for sure — the kids are al— ‘ ' x

right! 11100 White Rock Road, Rontho Cord:

“7% ”fit ”fat ”WW

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