October 27, 2020

1980-05-01 – The Minneapolis Star

1980 05 01 The_Minneapolis_Star_Thu__May_1__1980_

,‘émr Phntm hv rum .‘Swwno-y

The Who’s I'M'ttri-jr sang tn :1 hnisteruus crowd 01 17,501) at the St. ’31]! (‘ivic Center Wednesday night

Weary warhorse
h Who revved up and rolledm—but not enough

Hand leader Pew annshend

Reviewed by JON BREAM
Minnmpnh» Star Sta“ WnU-v

Sometimes old warhorses mst
need time to rev up Or summmos
the old horse just ain't what she
IISPd to bet

WhatPVC‘r Um case, The ".Vh'). lhs
revamped wztrhorsv that ranks
with the Rollini Stones and Led
Zeppelin as r01: '8 biggest bands.
seemed tired Wednesday mght at
the St. Paul (‘ivic Center. Howev-
er. once the N-Ivhratod British band
”awed up. the music was magma}.
The momentum. unfortunately,
never lasted long enough to make
the unewn H'tS-mmute perform-
ance especially memorable or even

Momentum seems to have been
plaguing The Who in recent years.
In 1978. it lonkvd as if the band.
whose influence and importance is
rivaled only by the Stones and
Beatles, had completely run out 0f
steam. Leader Pete Townshend felt
unstimulated, he said. and the- hand
seemed locked into its past. ’th-
Who was ready to disband.

Tth, m November I97)», drum
mer Keith Moon died. It turned out

The Who

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TM Whn's stoic


hassist. John Entwistle