October 26, 2020

1980-05-05 – The Minneapolis Star

1980 05 05 The_Minneapolis_Star_Mon__May_5__1980_

Second concert had kick, punch

The Who revisited is redeemed

Reviewed b; JON IREAM
Minneapolis uStaflWfltn
The Who may have been disap-
pointing Wednesday at the St. Paul
Civic Center. But ythe celebrated
British rock band redeemed itself
Frida night with a convincing and
Iar e y exciting performance

I drummer Kenney Jones. who
replaced the late magnificent

Keith Moon. was the goat Wednes-
day for playing like an ambivalent
hired hand, he was a hero Friday
for utting consistent kick and

punc into the music. He was not
the kind of colorful spark plug
Moon was but he kept the fire
burning during most of the two-
hour performance.

Perhaps the day' s rest before the

Pillsbury gets 40-cent
gift suit from Elsie

(Klobuchar, from m. ID)

buying a suit at Hubert White in

The springs of humanitarianlsm
run deep in Elsie Iverson.

She Is a south Minneapolis
dsbbier and tireless gadfly. a nr-

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son said thoughtfully. “i don’t
think Geor e on ht to be tied
down to this ittle e ioui-bail
shsgfing service you suggested for
supp ementary income to tide him

Friends of George S. Pillsbury
will not be surprised to learn that

he mmndad m Mn. lvamn‘n om

concert helped The Who; Wednes-
day had been the band's third
straight nig ht of ‘Bertorming. In
any event. The ho came out
smoking Friday. whereas the
group took about 45 minutes to get
untracked in the previous concert.
The band seemed tighter and more
involved. though the performance
suffered for a few songs in the
middle of the set and ended with a
thud—e soulless rendition of the
rhythm-and-blues classic "Dancing
in the Streets."

Guitarist Pete Townshend. the
visual focal point with his frog
leaps and windmiil-styie strum-
ming. seemed intense and played
ferociously from the very first
song until the end. His foil, singer
Rog er Danny. was less hyper-
kinetic than e was Wednesday
but his vocals were consistently
strong and inspired this time.

He also complimented the sellout

crowd of 17.500 for its deport-

ment. Unlike Wednesday night,
there was no stage rush or fire-
crackers and everyone did not
stand for the entire show. Never-
theless. the crowd was just as en-
thusiastic as the previous one.

The fans heard essentially the
same material except for two or
three songs and the encore. And
the encore—a thundering version

of “Young Man’s Blues" that
evoked the sy chedeiia- -cum-
heavy -metai ays of the late
l9608y—was the high point of a
satisfying concert by one of rock's
biggest bands.