October 25, 2020

1980-05-16 – Daily Press

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Each. member of The Who. one of
rock‘5 oldest and most respected bands.
has stepped out and done solo projects.

Vocalist Roger Daltry. bassist. John
Entwistle. Pete Townshend and the late
Keith Moon have had their share of col-
lective and individual triumphs.

Pete Townshend. whose Tommy and'

Quadraphenia have brought him plau-
dits as a serious composer. has done a
smashing job with Empty Glass. The
album contains some of the best mate-
rial Townshend has penned in recent

”Rough Boys" opens with a fanfare
and cuts loose. with a hard-driving drum

kick and exciting orchestration.

The tragedy of the album is “I Am
An Animal.‘1 The song is beautifully, as
well as brilliantly. conceived and. for
some reason. Townshend felt it neces-
sary to use one of George Carlin‘s

“seven words you can‘t say on televi-

The use of the expletive kills all
chances of air play for a number that
should have lifted the album to great
heights on the charts. “1 Am An Ani-

_ mal" is quite a nice piece of work. and

the beauty of the song survives Town-
shend's lack of good sense.

“Jools and Jim" is an angry tirade
aimed at “typewriter tappers.”

Townshend accuses critics of not

Hear, Say

caring that Keith Moon is dead and of
being “hangers on.“

It seems he is defending Moon‘s per-
sonality and lifestyle that led him to de-
stroy hotel rooms. various bars and The
Rock Music Awards show a few years

Apparently. someone in the press

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Daily Press, NewportNews, Virginia rriaaymay m. 1 vou

Members Of The Who Step 0m

corps blasted Moon (Jools and Jim).
Townshend took exception to it and
strikes back with “Typewriter bangers
on. You‘re all just hangers on. Ev-
eryone‘s human ‘cept Jools and Jim
Late copy churners. Rock N.‘ Roll learn-
ers. Your hearts are melting in pools of

No love lost there. but "Jools and
Jim" is a powerful rocker in any event.

Side two’s "Cat‘s In The Cupboard"
sounds like something Eric Clapton
would do.


The cut is heavy on the blues with a
tasty harmonica solo provided by Pete
Hope-Evans. The only thing missing is a
wailing guitar solo.

Townshend is not a virtuoso gui-
tarist. Even his work with The Who is
not based around super solo work.

His ability to carry the melody and
fill a hall with sound are his trademark.
His slashing style is built around chords
with dangling parts.

‘ Someof the songs on Empty Glass
were reported to have been slotted for

Come Out & Try

the. next Who album. but Mr. T decided
to use them for his solo release. and
write more for the group's next
recording. Those who wait for The

Who‘s next album will be missing some-

Empty Glass is a classy album by
one of the best rock writers around
Townshend pulls no musical punches
and as a lyricist shoots from the hip‘

The combination of the two makes
for exciting listeningt Don‘t miss it!