October 31, 2020

1980-05-18 – The San Bernardino County Sun

1980 05 18 The_San_Bernardino_County_Sun_Sun__May_18__1980_

. $00.,Moy 1., 1900 msuN—c,]3

GUrban Cowboy9 soundtrack —— country rock’s fever

(’rban (‘owbo}. Original Soundtrack — Various Artists
«M'lum DP-milr.)

\ ill (‘rhun t'nuhu} ruuw lht‘ ( Hlllllmn folk to hmp
4nd holler cm-r ruuntrivrm k and I «m hm hub the WV
muurdu} ‘iulil Fewr llludt' iheni L’H nuts over (liSt-i)
dlltl “hilt‘ lllrt‘t'~plt‘t’t' ~UI15"


‘uu (-an bet the prmlurers inwlwd are hoping the
John Travolta (-unnwtmn and mutual umperatmn hV
im- film and remrtl Industries Hll deliver one ('alt'llA
lillt‘tl hut sulul um punt'h in both the hnx office and
the return huh

But that remains to be seen. The mmie hasn‘t been
released ~Vet.

The first quvstmn tn mnsidt-r its whether the
wundtrat'k alhum is worth the hype it‘s umm.y to get.

Thankfully. the answer is yes

The ('rhan (‘nuhni wuntltrat'k Slll't'l’t‘ds as a hona
fldt’ nevx musn-al release het-ziuse it's not just a
mllet-tmn of rent led hits. hut rather a group ()1 solid
lie“ pert‘ormanres by some very popular artists

Asylum head Irving Amt‘f. who put tugether the
snundtrat'k album for F 11.. used two prnven hits.
"Lyin‘ Eyes" by the Eagles and (‘harlie Daniels' “The
[)evil Went Dawn to (lenruia." hut the rest of the 18
song snundtravk is fresh,

Some of the snnus are familiar standurtlsteg. Bonnie
ltuitt‘s “Darlin.” Mii-km' (lilligx'lx "Stand By Me" and
wt unnther ‘i'rsiun Hf “’l‘he UlilllL’t' lllnssnin .H'pet'lal”I
hut the artists involved are rwurilinu them fur the
HT) first time

What you 210i for $11 is u haildm-ed (-unibinatiun nt'
quality (-nuntry Lind rm-k 'n' roll.

.llllllll} llul‘lvttk rHIIIt'klllL‘ “llelln Texas." Bnh
N-izer's rmkinu “Nint- 'l'nniuht.” gentle xlrtlllh ut'
hhivuruss hurnwm by .l l). Suiither anti l,inilu
llnnstatlt. L’i‘aveful ('l)llllll‘_' pup h_' Kenny Rogers and
l)‘ Anne Murray. as well as honesnlid muntry hy
Mickey (lilley and Johnny Lee are just some of the

'l‘he (-mnhinutiun vmrkm unil vmrks well. ('rhan
i'uwhoyshnuld attrart hnth the casual listener and the
('U”(‘('t()r who must mm ex'erythnig by his favorite

~ Mark Lundahl
Empty Glass ~ Pete Townshend Atm SD 32-11!)

lie always had a soft sput fur Pete Townshentl‘s
niitside prujet'ts.

Although his first solo album and later team rwnnl
mu with Runnie Lune lurked the (lynaniit-s anti gutsi-
ness Hf the lwst Who rei-urtls. sumehnu the emotions
wuniled more hunvst without Roger [)altry‘s brash

'I'mmsheml‘s lhlll, m'unult-(l tennr has aluays heen
nmre el‘t'ertiw t'onwyinu the l‘t‘elinus of isolation and
mnt‘ltsinn. mnmmn Who themes,

'lI life's (I mess, I “(III fur .Wu (01mm.
I stand Iierv at the hur. l Imld an empty glass,

record reviews

Emptj» (£1355 i h_ fur the guitarists must rii'hly
nrvl'lestrzited uml (ll‘illllullt piew nl‘ wilt) niusitn

l’rmlm'wl h} ('hris 'l'huinus rl’rvtenilersl. Tn“ nshenti
plaVs nearly all the utntars and kvxlmurds. but is also
suppnrted hy the next touringY Who members. ‘Rahhit‘
Bundrirk and Kenny Jones. as “ell us a few other

Many of the songs. alternately explosive and serene.
would sound right at home on a Who alhumv And the
suhjevts annshend ('huosvs to write ahnut ipunks.
aging. love and even rm‘k ('rlltl‘lSllll are pmvm'ative
and poetic.

of (nurse some favorite themes~ return

There‘s a little destructive (lt't'iani-e:

Tough huts
('mne over here
I wanna bite and kiss ‘mu

As well as u wisp (if inystit'isnl
As I Hi!“ him Inukuiz.7 in thrnugh III_' u'imluu

His eyes were silent lies
And I miner!

times not. for What is (~t'ntlul|_ .1 htrrurx I‘XIWFH'Y‘H‘Q‘
Tho-w an- win“ In he lNe-nml tn tdft'flllh iiNe-zui at
81mph heard The} are to he thuuuht dlmlll nut
hunllllt‘d in the shum-r

ln hh new album Reed ~ lfxrlt ~ ill’t‘ ~‘rll muri- than
usuall} personal and dUlHlHUEruphlt al and men more
than usualli N'llllllldllllll

(‘an't you understand that H's frmmeninfl

When you hear uumen talking about mstmtmg and
Hating men

Who mints m knuu ulmut huu inu hate men

Sure all mm are hwnh

Hey, look. l‘II >1! here qmeth and I'll .Nldrc' at nn feet

Reed “NW.“ “1”] arm Hl und ( hwrful immodesiy
about the “hole stark rt-ulistir wrld ut' life and death.
triumph and failure. lme and hate. hmmr and dis
grave. llis mire, Nlnlt'lllllt‘h ('ruel and shining some
times plaintive and qtmwrimz. VHH m i-asinnally stop
singing altogether and begin speaking As in "So
Alone." these nwasmns are amnnfl the most moving
moments on the album SpeakingY is pvrfevtly suited tn
the expressmn nt' eloquent poetry

— John Weeks

Pete Townshend

And I 83 w him standing in tho dUOI'Wdl
His figure merely filled the SPUH’

And I moved

But I moved toward hnn

This is u most appealing: rt-mrd. l (lure say some (if
the tunes are better than anything I‘ve heard on a
Who album in several years.


— Mark Lundahl

Growing Up in Public - Lou Reed Arista .L . 522

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poraneous. There are eecentrie tempo vhanges. halt
ine repetitions of musical and lyrical phrases. and a

fit-kle variety of musit'al approat-hes. from hard rm'k Ram

touches in “How Do You Speak to an Angel" to a blues

attack in “Teach the Gifted Children." . 0
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