October 25, 2020

1981-01-18 – Chula Vista Star News

1981 01 18 Chula_Vista_Star_News_Sun__Jan_18__1981_

Before we get too far along in the new year, let’s
look back at a batch of late, 1980 rock albums that

show what is very good and‘what is not so good in
rock music right now. ~

EMPTY GLASS -— Pete Townshend.‘

Maybe the best thing about 1980 was the re-
emergence of the Who’s flamboyant guitarist. Pete
Townshend. Not only did the Who have a good 1980,

,. re-grouping after the deah of drummer Keith

Moon, 'but Townshend
came up with a Botent
brew of his own on his
solo album.
"He moldssheer, rock...
‘n’ F‘oll power with a
kegn_mu_sieal sense of u
The result is lots of

~ gutsy, wham. bammers,

like “Rough Boys,” “Jool's and Jim” and the best
raveup. “Empty Glass.”

On the title tune, Townshend launches into a
series of power chords on his guitarand sings with
a glorious abandon. For contrast, he suddenly
switches from a wild, shouting vocal style to just a
whisper. He does that several times throughout the
album,‘ singing a_ lineof lyrics and then just barely
whisperingthe next line. Y -

The notable songs on the softer side are the
nursery rhyme-like “I Am An Animal”. and the
tongu‘éJn-cheek laborers’ anthem, “Keep On
Working.” ‘

The‘ album is basically a grand tour-de-force
through Townshend’s considerable song writing
ability and his prOwess on guitar. There’s also a
fresh, vigorous spirit as though Townshend was
just discovering the power and majesty in great
rock ‘n’ roll. 4 . . i A
~ That such a good album comes from a rock ‘n’
roll original, who dates back to the early 19605, is

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