October 22, 2020

1981-03-29 – The Philadelphia Inquirer

1981 03 29 The_Philadelphia_Inquirer_Sun__Mar_29__1981_

New Albums .

THE WHO Face Dances (Warner Bros):
This is the English supergroup's first LP in
more than two years and. of course. its first
album teaturing drummer Kenney Jones.
who replaced the late Keith Moon. Who tans
will not be disappointed. since it spotlights
the group in top-notch form. The LP otters
nine new songs —-— seven by Pete Town-
shend and two from John Entwistie -- and
there are any number of gems in the collec-
tion. Among the most intectious is a bouncy
account of lustful romance titled "You Better
You Bet." Other especially appeaiing num-
bers are ”Don't Let Go of the Coat.” “Cache
Cache” and “Another Tricky Day." intense
rockers include “You" and ”The Quiet One."
These aging rock 'n' rollers can still show the
kids a thing or two * t t t

- “l A‘.- l-m-‘l- P- ,_ __ - -