October 22, 2020

1981-04-10 – Philadelphia Daily News

1981 04 10 Philadelphia_Daily_News_Fri__Apr_10__1981_

By «RICH AREGOOD ‘The late '60:;

Who had an energy and power nobody
else had.’ '

Time sure boogies on, doesn‘t it?

and better than any of the newer.

Rock music has been around long younger grOUps who dominate the

enough these days that we‘ ve got

bands with the longevity and mass

audience of. say a Perry Como.
There are a couple of recent re-

cords from the most notable bands in
that distinguished category. The
Who's “Face Dances” (Warner

Bros). its first album in two years,
and a collection of reissues from the
Rolling Stones. “Sucking in the Sev-
enties” (Rolling Stones).

It's almost as difficult to review
these bands at this point as it is for
them to keep producing music. The

Who. after 17 years, still rocks harder

current tap 1001ists.

“Another Tricky Day" from the
new record is up to anything The
Who has done, a high standard in-
deed. It expresses the wonderful,
cretinous joys of rock ‘n' roll without
cluttering it with extraneous stuff. It
simply expresses the reality of haw
ing fun.

BUT THE PEOPLE who buy this
record won’t be getting the'sound of
the band that’s still named as an in-
spiration for today’s New Wavers.
The late ’603 Who had an energy and

power nobody else had. Itsrecords.

put up against current stuff that
purports to have the same qualities.
still sound great.

Maybe all this really means is that
rock music isn’t that complicated
after all and that intelligent people
who have been doing it for nigh onto

.20 years have to look for new ways of

doing~ things, if only to keep from _
being bored to death. Peter Town-
shend’s work since “Tommy" has
shown a kind of self-conscious matu-
rity. that is often charming and witty.
It isn ’t, however. vintage guitar-
smashing Who.

It's just good music even if it
shows that the band is getting on a,
bit. By 'the way, Kenney Jones, the
former Small Faces drummer who
has replaced the late Keith Moon in
the hand, does just fine. He may or
may not provide the visual flash of
Moon, but he plays as well.

The Stones package is a sample of
one of my favorite things. The two
hits collections of early Stones on
London are among my favorite re-
cords. particularly “Flowers." Stones
hits albums are kinda like those
wonderful Motown collections; they {
make great party records. Besides?
everybody knows the words

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