October 27, 2020

1981-04-12 – The Indianapolis Star

1981 04 12 The_Indianapolis_Star_Sun__Apr_12__1981_

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New Who album reveals hangups


Two thIngs stand out In Faro
names the Who‘ s new album

I The unpredictable but entertaining
music of Peter Tovmshend Is omnipre

2 Townshend‘s IyrIcs reveal a man
suffering from sexual hangups. a quare
Interest In offbeat IIvIng and an Inability
to come to terms with a diIIerent fact of
life — agIng

The music on “Face Dances“ Warner
Brothers. HS 3516i is of vintage Who.
from the spirited rocker ”You Better You
Bet" Ishades of “Won‘t Get Fooled
Again") to the more deliberate. jazz-
textured "Don‘t Let Go the Coat."

Best displayed on two other Who al-
bums — "Who‘s Next?“ and "Who Are
You?“ — and his solo “Empty Glasses"
LP. Townshend‘s songwriting niche is
described succinctly in one of his lines
rom “You Better You Bet" on the new

‘ Fate Dances" as snme'hmg 'ha' began .

an elaborate attempt to Impr"‘\ 'hv next

record label but wound up hI-Ing lamen-
tably self-Indulgent

After all. Warner Brothers IM‘III all '
out to promote this IIrst reiease from Its ;
new client It commissmned 16 hIgth *
respected artIsts to mm the portraIt of =
one of the Who members k there are I
Iour portraIts of each member — that .
appear on the album mver 3

Whatever the reason. It should be ‘
forgotten the next time Townshend and I
Warner Brothers collaborate In the rec- _
ording studio. We can do without the .
melancholy and extravagance


Just a couple words about Yoko Ono's
new Single. "Walking on Thin Ice “ Oh

LP: "I still sing a razor line every time. "

YET IT‘S HARD to imagine that the ' . t ' t ' .
Who. which under Townshend’s leader- The Who (left to right): Roger Daltrey, Kenney Jones, Peter B'r‘hda,‘3 ”"5 “99k
ship has withstood inevitable growing Townshend,‘ John Entwistle.

Birthdays this week in the pop music

pains IoI' more than 15 years while How Can You Do It Alone? is laden singer s loud vocals in The Quiet One“ industry:

maIntaInIng 9 Vigorous recording 3"“ with more unanswered questions this prove everybody IS wrong when they 08" Monday — Lester Chambers ICham-

concert pace. IS ready to start InvestIng time investigating the reasons one en him the quiet one. bers BrotherSI. 41; Al Green. 35.

In aphrodisiacs or retirement pa'radises gages in sexual selfgratmcauon The song that best reflects the group‘s Tuesday — Ritchie Blackmore IDeep
' But trying to understand hIs obses- instrumental talents is Entwistle‘s Purple Rainbow 35

sions Is a task for an analyst. THE LYRIC THAT. perhaps. best eX- You Here the fierce drumming of Wednesday _ om Edmund; IRock

Townshend delves into sexual topics in poses Townshend‘s aversions 10 adding a newcomer Kenney Jones is clearly dis- piIeI37

“You Better You Bet." the LP's lead few wrinkles to his face comes in the cernible and Townshends itar Ia I _ Vi to 45
50n8 and “3 IIFSISIHBIP- "'5 an extended Iinal SONS. “Another TFICRY 03%" in is rich in animation. IRogg:r Dgltrifi 53,333:ng Bobby n n Dusty
celebration of “all night living" in which Which he sayS. “300k and r0" WI” "9"" vocals are best described by Townshend Friday _ Don Kirshner. 47

the singer thanks his woman for welcom- die ‘ ""3 i5 "0 5003’ CTISISL" unwittingly in You Better You Bet — Saturday _ Lenny Baker ISha Na ‘
Ing mm "mm open arms and legs." In fact. throughout the song the paren- "too rough with cigarettes.“I Na I. 35.

In "Did You Steal My Money” a tale thetical phrase is repeated several times.
oI carousing in seedy parts of town. he perhaps as a form of security. as if to
fires a series of questions — “Did you say: “If I say it often enough. it won‘tbe
screw me?" among them — that unclear- 90 bad "
Iy portrays the singer as confused, senile Bassist John Entwistle wrote two
or psychotic.1‘ake your pick. songs for the album. both rockers. The

2|" 5.11“ St.