October 19, 2020

1983-01-02 – The Los Angeles Times

1983 01 02 The_Los_Angeles_Times_Sun__Jan_2__1983_




' ock ’r_1' roll 1982: m0-
ments to forget:
How Can We Miss

You When You Won’t ' Go
Away?: Distraught after his
Porsche was stolen at gun-
point on 3 Sunset Strip street
corner in May, Rod Stewart
announced he was leaving
his American tax shelter for
good and moving back to
England—a threat Stewart
has yet to carry out.

And You Thought DeLo-
rean Had Troubles: Singer
David Crosby was arrested
three times this year, twice
on drug and weapons charges and once
on charges of disturbing the peace and
reckless driving. Asked why he was
carrying a gun when arrested in March
for alleged drug possession, Crosby ex-
plained, “John Lennon."

No, That Wasn’t. the Word We Were
Looking For: When the J . Geils Band
showed up to celebrate TV-talk show
host Joe Franklin’s 29th anniversary,
Franklin asked bandleader Peter Wolf,
“What’s the word for today?” Without
missing a beat Wolf replied, “Let’s see,
Joe, it wasn't ‘herpes,’ was it?”

What Is This, an Audience or an Oil
Painting? When Prince Charles threw
his coat over his shoulder during the
Robert Plant portion of the Trust Rock
Gala concert in London this July, one
veteran royalty watcher exclaimed. “He
always takes off his jacket When he's
enjoying himself."

How’s That for a Follow-up Question?
In a Rolling Stone cover-story interview,
Bette Midler was in the midst of reveal-
ing her fear of living under the constant

threat of nuclear annihilation when re-
porter Nancy Collins interrupted to ask,
“Is it true you once had an affair with Bob

THE KGB Memorial Socialist Real-
ism Award: To Depech Mode for its “A
Broken Frame” album cover, which
depicts an old Russian peasant woman
harvesting wheat with a sickle. '

The Odd Couple of the Year Award:
The avowed Marxist band Gang of Four
playing in front of a Coca-Cola sign at
Magic Mountai'n.

Female Impersonator of the Year: Ron
Mael, whd appeared in wedding-dress
drag on the cover of Sparks’ “Angst in
My Pants” album.

Hi, This 15 Pete Townshend for Ba-
leigh Hills: In 1966 the Who made fun of
celebrity endorsements on the album
“The Who Sell' Out,” whose cover fea-
tured. Pete Townshend pitching “Odo-
rono” deodorant. 'This year the band
really sold out—qunshend shilled for
MTV, Roger Daltrey posed for a Bulova

watch ad and the group's whole Ameri— _

can tour was sponsored by Schlitz.

Doesn’t Evety Punk Fan Wear :1
Badge? Vacationing Blondie bassist N igel
Harrison was performing at the Roxy
when a process server climbed out of the
audience along with a crush of fans and
served the musician with a writ for a
lawsuit involving Blondie’s failure to
appear on a recent J apanese tour.

And You Should Have Seen the Surf
on the Volga: After attending Leonid
Brezhnev’s funeral, pop impresario J erry
Weintraub wrote The Times, saying, “I
found out that the Russians are just like
us. I met men who. were like kids I knew

and others who were just like my j

neighbors in Malibu."