October 22, 2020

1983-04-16 – Muncie Evening Press

1983 04 16 Muncie_Evening_Press_Sat__Apr_16__1983_

Who leader’s early
tapes a ’fascinating’
rock document

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PETE TOWNSHEND, Scoop (Atcm - This
random selection of tapes made in Townshend’s
home studios proves the leader of the Who has
thrown away more good songs than most of his
contemporaries have written in a career. This
self-indulgent package also proves that he knows
it. Arrogant though it might be, I’d rather listen
to these brash table scraps than the apologetic
drone of the Bruce Springsteen home tapes that
became “Nebraska.”

The highlights are the early songs - “Cir-
cles," which is strongly reminiscent of “Dis-
guises" from 1965; an all-acoustic “So Sad About
Us” from the same era; “Melancholia.” a
psychedelic ballad that reflects Townshend's
disappointment when “I Can See For Miles"
wasn’t a huge hit in 1967; and the C&W-styled
“Things Have Changed” from 1965. The other
uncovered gem is “Mary.” a beautiful ballad
from the unreleased “Litehouse” project that
became “Who’s Next.” Townshend says there's
hundreds more where these came from; next
time I hope he tilts tn the rest of the pre-
“Quadmphenia” gaps and leaves the “Face
Dances" and “Empty Glass" outtakes in the
can. It’s those boy-genius years that make this
inconsistent LP a tascinatmg document. (7)