October 25, 2020

1983-04-24 – Detroit Free Press

1983 04 24 Detroit_Free_Press_Sun__Apr_24__1983_

IOGR: Townshend gets
it all together

Sc00p -- Pete Townshend (Atco): The concept at
first seems utterly pretentious; two records, 25 songs
of demo versions -- songs prepared by Pete Town-
shend for the Who or for his solo albums. In most
cases. Townshend plays all the instruments and sings
all the vocals. What makes this more than simple ego ‘
flexing is the fact that most of the songs are knock-
outs. Many of the demos eventually recorded by the
Who ~— “Behind Blue Eyes,” “The Magic Bus,”
“Bargain." “Squeeze Box" -- offer a chance to hear
just what kind of contributions the rest of the band .
makes, while a host of unreleased numbers are strong :
enough for any album and tailor-made for any Who
fan or collector. Musicians might also find this
package -- and Townshend’s extensive liner notes -—
as educational as it is entertaining. i

-- Gary Graff