October 22, 2020

1983-04-26 – The Evening Sun

1983 04 26 The_Evening_Sun_Tue__Apr_26__1983_ 2

To wnsh end


not be the greatest drummer in the world, he’s

His guitar playing, of course, is impeccable,
and it’s interesting to observe how his enchant- }
ment (and his proficiency) with synthesizers grew
over the years.

The package comes with Townshend’s capious
liner notes, which ought to fascinate diehard Who
fans. Ultimately, that’s the only faction of the
record-huying public who will lunge for this collec-
tion. For them, this is a must, despite the worries

it may raise that Townshend is looking more to the
past than to the future.

As for the casual Who-Townshend follower,

“Scoop” will he of passing interest but hardly
worth eight or nine bucks.