October 22, 2020

1984-01-04 – Arizona Republic

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Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook have formed a hand with
some studio musicians in England. While their forthcoming album
hasn’t got a title yet, the group does.

Difford and Tilbrook will call themselves just that, Difford and
Tilbrook, although Difford said he’s not sure whether it’s going to be
written as Difford and Tilbrook or Difford/I‘ilbrook. ‘

As far as the music is concerned, Difford says that it’s a big
departure from Squeeze — better, and more masterfully written,
with excellent production by David Bow1e producer Tony
Visconti. When asked which Squeeze songs the new material sounded
like, Difford cited Black Cofl'ee in Bed and Tempted.

I GRAFFITI ARTIST KEITH HARING supposedly still draws
in the New York City subways even as his work hangs in the Whitney
Museum and his current show attracts crowds to the Tony Shafrazi
Gallery in New York’s Soho district.


Hanng is one of those artists who has managed to combine the
ehergy of the streets with rock and roll. In fact: he has now added to

single, Without You.
I TWO MEMBERS OF THE WHO were in the United States

York City on some business.

While Townshend was mum about his plans, the rumors were that
he isn’t sure that he wants to do another Who album. And Jones told
me, “The Who have gone into hibernation at the moment. If they work
again, they do, if they don’t, they don’t.”

Basically, he said, everyone’s indifferent at the moment. Jones
admitted that Townshend doesn’t want to do anything now except
maybe publish books, but that he might change his mind. Of course,
changing minds is par for the course with the Who. Jones’s attitude
was that anything anyone wanted to do was fine with him, but he
intended to continue making music.

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