October 24, 2020

1984-01-12 – Journal Gazette

1984 01 12 Journal_Gazette_Thu__Jan_12__1984_

38 Special big on melody

Copley News Service

HOLLYWOOD — With a high-

powered name like 38 Special, you
wouldn’t think this sextet from

Florida would know the difference
between a melody and a malady.

But this platinum group has a bad

case of the smarts, and when it
comes to making money they do

having a unique identity.

Melody? 38’s making millions with
that device. Can you imagine Black
Sabbath committing the crime of an
identifiable melody? That’ll be the


ABC — Beauty Stab
(Mercury-Polygram) — Now
slimmed down to a trio, ABC
delivers a crisp album in the
pop-rock mode. British has a glossy

finish to its wnrk that m far ha‘c

very flavorful musical dish.

Sound (Polygon) —Yes, there’s
another Townshend coming along.
Although they’re brothers, Simon is
18 years younger than Peter so it’s
almost like a new generation. And
the 22-year old rock Simon has a far
different sound: tough, melodic rock
that he spent years developing.
Pete may be known someday as
Simon’s brother.

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