October 20, 2020

1984-01-15 – The Los Angeles Times

1984 01 15 The_Los_Angeles_Times_Sun__Jan_15__1984_


"SWEET SOUND.” Simon Town-
shend. Polydor 815 708 1 Y-1.Yes. you
can definitely tell this LP is from Pete
Townshend' 5 little brother. No, the simi-
larities do not work against young Simon.
He seems to have gleaned the best from
his older sibling and adapted it into a
style of his own. The resulting sound is
both familiar and distinctive. This is
forceful yet sophisticated rock: Melodies
take intriguing, unexpected turns, and
the sense of motion and power never lets
up. Producer Pete has helped mold a
multitextured. uncluttered sound. The
best songs here, like “I’m the Answer”
and “On the Scaffolding," manage to
sound urgent. pretty and triumphant all
at the same timeuno mean feat. A debut

to be proud of.