October 29, 2020

1984-01-17 – Democrat and Chronicle

1984 01 17 Democrat_and_Chronicle_Tue__Jan_17__1984_

The Who singer to direct British gangster film

HOLLYWOOD -- Roger Daltrey is
rushing back to England to arrange
final financing for the movie in which
he hopes to make his directorial debut
this summer.

reports he’s already in pre-production
work for the big-screen project that will
focus on the lives of twin brothers Ron
and Rex Kray, notations British gang-
sters of the 19608. He feels he’s ac-
quired the necessary skills to helm the
project from “watching great directors
at lvlfork. I did two films with Ken Rus-
“ 9’

Daltrey’s been doing marathon work
since the 1982 breakup of his legendary
group, which reigned over the rock
world for nearly two decades. He per-
formed in, and received good notices
for, the 18th century operetta The Beg-
gar’s Opera in England (which PBS
hopes to broadcast in the United
States). He plays the twin slaves in
Shakespeare’s A Comedy of Errors, set
for PBS broadcast Feb. 20. And his first
solo LP since The Who’s breakup is set
for release at the end of this month.

He’s given the LP the intriguing title
of Parting Should Be Painless, but
when asked if it refers to The Who, he
responds, “I’d rather not talk about it.”

He doesn’t mind saying that he re-
mains on close terms with John En-
twistle and feels the bassist’s talents
have never received the recognition they
deserve. “I’d do anything I could to
be] him in whatever he wants to do,”
D try says.

As for The Who‘s driving creative
force Pete Townshend — with whom
Daltrey engaged in such fiery public
battles — he simply comments, “I
haven’t seen him. He’s shut himself
away lately.”