December 5, 2020

1984-01-24 – Philadelphia Daily News

1984 01 24 Philadelphia_Daily_News_Tue__Jan_24__1984_

Slmon Towmhend: ls musical talent innate,
learned or inherited? Young Simon Townshend

suggests the latter, on his debut album “Sweet
Sound.” The set was produced by his elder brother
Pete and sounds to all the world like a bunch of
leftover tracks from Pete’s old band, The Who,

heavy on the pomp and circumstance. Now that
Pete has retired from group performing, he’ll

have even more time on his hands, and youth-ori-

ented songs to subvert though Simon. Geez, he - .
could be the next Andy Gibb. (Simon Townshend

plays the Chestnut Cabaret Feb. 2.)