October 29, 2020

1984-02-02 – Philadelphia Daily News

1984 02 02 Philadelphia_Daily_News_Thu__Feb_2__1984_ 2


becoming e mm was my doing:
Simon Towhshend insists. “Nobody
pressed my {meets against the guitar
strings. l taught myself to play. and
am writing songs straight 011. Since
then. We put my whole life into it. ~

“And the truth is, i never got to
spend much time with Pete. Of
course. i loved The Who's music. but
apart. he being so much older. And
he was always off. touring the world.
got to know each other.”

The occasion m when Pete pro
duced Simon's debut Poiygram aio
bum. “Sweet Sound." “and we got to
spend three months in the studio,
perfecting it ...'l'heheet part ofthe
projectwasthnt it wasinnowaya
favor.” Simon says. “Pete decided to
produce me because he thought the
music was totally valid, not because
he was my brother."

The finished product does hear an
uncanny reoetnbience to the elder
Townshend's work, especially to his
(vastly undemppreciated) 3010 al-
bums. The songs are aggressive but
- also very melodic, with tingec of east-
ern spiritualism. artful psychedelia.
and folk protest. Pete's production
frills (his walLof-guitars effect. slow-
motion drumming and 000th ‘
choruses) stamp this a family affair.
And the vocal similarities between
Simon and Pete are uncanny. When
they‘re singing high harmonies to-
gether. it's diflicult to tell the Town-
shends apart. There are even a con-
ple of Simon vocal solos (on "i'm the
Answer" and "On The Air"). where
you'd swear it '18 Pete warming.

“Really. I‘- not trying to sound
like him." Simon says with a laugh.
'Ilayhe it‘s something in argues.”

Simon Townfliend hanged around

whose other claims-to-ime wete
mist Tony Butler and m
tun: Bnexicki. now half 1!
Country. "We put out a couple
singles that we were really proud d,
but the timing wasn‘t right’l‘heaflt-
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