October 25, 2020

1984-02-08 – The Herald

1984 02 08 The_Herald_Wed__Feb_8__1984_

About People

Share am. ‘who has written bestselling
mg: on female end male sexuality, ~ is suing
writer Pllllb Noll]. tor 815 million. Hlte,
represented by Roy Colin, has filed suit in New

i York State Court; She charges that
Nobtle, In am Forum magazine, theSoho
Weekly News and New York magazine, defam-

ed her methodology end misrepresented ex-
perts commenting on her work in quotes and)


PeteTo'nlhendolTheWhohas declauedthe
rock group dead, but another Who member,
mm, dentuthattheband has broken
up. he says it has taken “an opened-ended sab-
batical” and he doesn’t believe Townshend has
really quit. But Daltry Illa told “USA Today"
that sometimes he thinks the band should have
broken up after the death of Keith Moon,
saying, “The fun went out of it when he died.

The last four years haven’t been a happy