October 21, 2020

1984-02-19 – The Pittsburgh Press

1984 02 19 The_Pittsburgh_Press_Sun__Feb_19__1984_


stars in


OGER Daltrey. lead singer of

The Who. WI" make his debut as

a classu-al actor on Wednesday
at 9 pm, when "The Comedy of
Errors" atrs ovur PBS on “The Shake-
speare Plays "

Daltroy. one of the most popular
figures In mtcrnatmnal contemporary
music. jonns a cast that Includes Ml-
chael Kttchon. (‘yrtl (‘usack Dame
Wendy Htllcr. Suzanne Bortlsh. Joanne
Pearce and ('harlcs Gray

"The (‘onwdy 0! Errors" IS the
shortest and most outrageous of Shake»
spearo's (‘Unl(‘dlt‘. .1 tangle of mistak-
en Identttms amt absurd sntuattons

Antlpholus of Syracuse (Kitchen)
and his servant Dromto (Daltreyl.
stumble Into the my of Ephesus. un-
aware that the” twnn brothers — also.
for some Inexle-able reason. named
Antipholus and Dromto -- live there.

Betore the day 15 over. both sets of
twins have good reason to doubt thelr
sanity and that of tho cnttre town‘

Daltrey and Kitchen play all four
twins. meeting In Act 5 through a btt 3
electronic Wizardry

Shakespeare based his play on a
Roman comedy. “The Monacchmi." by
Plautus, but threw In tho twm servants
as an original (‘ontrtbutlon to com-
pound the contusmn For extra spice
he turned to unnthor play by Plautus
and borrowed tho scene In WhK‘h an
unknowmg wntc cntvrtums the wrong
twm Whllt‘ her real t1u