October 22, 2020

1984-02-20 – The Evening Sun

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Sh akespeare
to his liking

PBS' “The Shakespeare Plays" and see
a rock band pounding out a tune, don’t
go heading for your TV Guide. You’re on

IF YOU TUNE IN tonight’s edition of

j the right station. The singer in that group

‘is the star of the show.

And if you’re surprised by that, Roger

» iDaltry. who spent 20 of his 39 years in the
- ‘Who, seems equally abashed.

“My agent just told me to go out and

7 :read for it,” he said of getting the part of

the twin Dromios in this BBC production

. of “The Comedy of Errors.”

“I thought, ‘Oh, God. It‘s Shakespeare. I

hate it.’ But I went and bought a copy and

read it—after about five hours with the
Daltry looks smaller in person that he

:did on the stage. His once flowing curly


‘ hair is now cropped close. His prominent

cheekbonw stand out on his distinctive

He made no bones about the fact that

1 Shakespeare was not a staple of his work-

ing-class background and joked about it

constantly. In the interview that precedes
tonight’s play, which will be on channels
23 and 67 at 9 o’clock, he describes read-
ing the Bard as being like “getting a tooth

“But looking at it from the perspective
of working with it and playing it, it’s so
different from reading it. which is how it
was presented to us,” he said in a recent
interview in Los Angeles.

“At the age of coming up to 12 or some-
thing, we were told to go read ‘Macbeth,’
something really light, and study the
images. That’s really ridiculous. I mean,
Shakespeare is meant to be performed.

“A lot of actors are frightened of
Shakespeare, but I didn’t know enough to
be frightened. I thought an iambic pen-

“The Comedy oi Erma” stars, clockwise horn top left, Dome Wendy Hill.
er, Cyril Conch, rod: singer Rolger Doltry and Michael Kitchen.

kids around in. But I love the language.
It’s very natural to me. very musical.”
Though the Who are somewhat broken
up, music is still very important to Daltry.
His fourth solo album, which he said was
the Tirst one he really worked hard on, is

tameter was something you pushed the 1'08th out

“I take my solo career very seriously. I
love singing. But I find that acting is more
fulfilling. Singing rock ’n’ roll, I live the
part of the character in the song in my
mind, but it’s only in my mind. It’s qu-
derful to get a part where you can reaIly

See HILL, 36, Col. 1