October 23, 2020

1984-03-04 – The Salina Journal

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Recording, acting keep Roger Daltrey busy

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Q. What's up with Roger Dal-
trey now that it seems The Who
have broken up? Will he continue
making solo records? Also, will
he continue his acting career?
And what is Daltrey’s opinion on
the future for The Who? - Shep
Klenhans, Flint, Mich.

A. Roger Daltrey is keeping
very busy while, as he puts it.
The Who are on an “open-ended
sabbatical.” For starters, he's
just released a new solo record.
fittingly titled “Parting Should
Be Painless" (perhaps his state-
ment to Pete Townshend), on a
new label, Atlantic, whose Atco
arm records Townshend's solo


Daltrey says this album, pm-
duced by Mike Thorne, repre-
sents his first serious solo LP ef-
fort. Meanwhile. he's also kept
busy as an actor, starring'ln such

BBC-TV productions as “The-

Beggar’s Opera” and. Shake-
speare's “The Comedy of Err-

He also plans to direct a film
about a pair of twin brother
gangsters, and he promises it
won't be the same as his own
thuggish role in ‘.‘Mc_Vicar."

Daltrey is also hinting that he
may tour, and, with The Who on
anywhere from indefinite to per-
manent hold, look for Daltrey to
hit the boards someday soon.

Ton alblims

Q. I’ve got an argument that
needs settling. My girlfriend says
the Stray Cats are English; I say
they're from America. Who '
wins? — Mark Levy, Burlington,

A. You win. The three Stray
Cats are all Long Island boys
who moved to England in the late
'705 to jump-start their career. It
worked. but now they are back
living in the United States —' ap-
propriate considering their Amer-
ican rockabilly style.

Q. Did the Eurythmics ever
make records before “Sweet
Dreams (Are Made of This)_"? —-
Wilma Jansen, Portland, Maine.

A. In' fact, there are two al-

an— All‘ Ln-A 3.. Kln-AL AM‘_£A..