October 31, 2020

1984-03-07 – Arizona Republic

1984 03 07 Arizona_Republic_Wed__Mar_7__1984_

Lisa Robinson

ISINCE HE has arrived in
this country for his first US. tour,
Simon Townshend (who ap-
peared at Tempe’s After the Gold

Rush last week) says that about
“three or four hundred people”
have asked him what it’s like being
the younger brother of the Who’s
Pete Townshend, who is in his
late 30s.

“I’ve actually hardened up to the
fact that I am Pete’s brother. But
in England he’s not quite so
famous as he is here. In England
he’s famous, but here, it’s like I’ve

got a megastar brother, and the-
only way I’m going to shake all of
that off is to make good music
myself. After a while, I think that
people will realize that I’m Simon
and Pete is Pete, and I’m not his
little brother any more.”

Simon, 23, who started out at the
age of 14, has just released his first
album, Sweet Sound, which was
produced by his brother Pete. With
him for this one-month tour is his
band — Andy Shillito, Gary
Burroughs, and Paul Abbot —
with Simon playing lead guitar and
singing vocals. _

Simon has a strong, positive
feeling about what he’s doing, and
says, “I’m building a following now.
I’m traveling in America, and
reaching a hell of a lot of people
who seem to be solid fans of mine
just from the one album or the

show that they’ve seen. They come
up to me after the show and want

to shake my hand. It’s a lovely