October 21, 2020

1984-03-18 – Detroit Free Press

1984 03 18 Detroit_Free_Press_Sun__Mar_18__1984_

rock: Rbger’s 'all right
without the Who

Partlng Should Be Painless — Roger Daltrey
(Atlantic): This is the first Daltrey album that matters.
N ot that the others should be discarded, but this is the
first thing Daltrey has recorded since the Who called it
quits. His five previous albums, recorded as depar-
tures from the Who’s schedule, weren’t make-it or
break-it propositions for the singer. “Parting,” how-
ever, is the first step in Daltrey’s solo career where
there’s no Pete Townshend to compose all the right
songs. Like the other albums, “Parting” isa mixed bag
of styles and quality, but there’s a greater proportion
of good songs. It sounds like Daltrey spent more time
choosing the right numbers — by top-notch songwrit-
ers like Bryan Ferry, the Eurythmics and Kit Rain —
and put more care into his performances. And if this
effort is accepted by the public, it should take some of

the pain out of parting with the Who.
- Gary Grafl