October 27, 2020

1984-03-28 – The Tampa Tribune

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Young Townshend a chip off the old rock

Tribune Correspondent

Simon Townshend is carrying on
in the family tradition.

Simon. the youngest brother of
Who guitarist and songwriter Fete
Townshend. says their relationship
is a mixed blessing.

"It gains attention. and also at
the same time gains comparisons."
Simon said prior to his band‘s Mon-
day‘nlght performance at the Lon-
don Victory club.

“The first thing they (fans) ex-
pect from me is music of Pete's cali~
bre, which is unfair, because I've
been in the business half as long,"
he added.

Furthermore, Pete has written
some of the enduring classics of

Concert Review

rock. including the rock opera,
"Tommy,” “My Generation." "I Can
See For Miles." “Magic Bus," and

However, Simon's 1983 debut
album. "Sweet Sound." which Pete
produced. establishes the younger
Townshend in his own write, with a
sound and hopeful outlook which
places him in the company of Big
Country. U2 and The Alarm.

Separated in age by 18 years, the
23-year-old Simon said Pete’s help
producing was invaluable.

“Knowledge-wise, I feel like I've
learned so much,” Simon said.

More importantly, "The main

thing I’ve gained from it was to actu-
ally be with Pete as a brother. That
was the best part of it."

One of the best parts for tans is
that Simon's guitar playing sounds
remarkably like Pete's.

80 Pete must have given guitar
lessons, right? No.

“It's like an element of rock in
us all.” Simon said.

That also explains the resem-
blance “Sweet Sound" has to Pete‘s
solo album, “Empty Glass." “It’s just
the way the album came out. It's just
the tact that we're brothers. I ap-

proached the vocals the way Pete .

would.” Simon noted.

“Sweet Sound” is marked by a
clean. pure rock sound, in keeping
with the ideas expressed in the


Live, with three back-up musi-
cians. Simon Towmhend's Risis-
dance opted for a rawer. dirtier
sound than heard on the album. dur-
ing the 75-minute set (which started
at the ridiculously late hour of mid-
night). In addition to playing most of
“Sweet Sound." Simon introduced
six new songs. ’

”Under a Different Light,"
“Cat’s Away (Mice Will Play)," and
"Into the Memory" lit in well with
“Sweet Sound’"s style, though the in-
fluence of life on the road was evi-

Despite a small audience of
about 100, Simon cut an animated,
energetic figure on stage. singing
and playing guitar with much emo-


Simon Townshend,
younger brother of
Pete, played the
London Victory