October 22, 2020

1985-02-10 – Daily Record

1985 02 10 Daily_Record_Sun__Feb_10__1985_

DZ—Dafly Record. Northwest N.J. Sunda‘. Februaz 10. 1985 —

New ‘ Who’ release WIII lea ve fans asking ‘ What?’ an

W ‘0‘" “3‘3" Whos L3“ (”CA MCM' verses of “Long Live Rock." the
08“ Record M W . 8018) shows the band mums Ill “teen. .‘ge wutehnd" um in “Bab.
__V___“_'i_°_£‘_°_'________ their cherished ideals in the name of O'Riley’— -50.,“ painfully raued

Who’s La“ some cheap last-minute profits. and diuplrited.

"‘9 Who What makes things worse is that Drummer Kenney Jones. who t°°k

~ 3 lot of abuse for his failure to equal
This double live album. recorded they perform so miserably. Roger his mum“), inspired pm mm

on the Who’s final American tour in Daltrey's singing betrays his bore- Keith M
.' - - u can (an impossible task for
1982 is enough to reduce longtime dom “"u‘ the hkes of See Me, Feel any musician), actually plays better

fans to tears And not 1118! because it Me.” Pete Townshend barely man-
signals the end of one ]of rock' s proud- ages any guitar work beyond a primi- gzatgxzfigebggg:fiég:ificfifirg

est and longest- -lived groups. Like the ttve thrash, and his few vocals — the match the el ectr 0 hi c m etr on cm of

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the t_inal lines of “Won’ t Get Fooled


citing moment. Otherwise, had they
not already used the title. they might
have called this one The Who Sell


Too Tough to Dle
The Ramones


Glorious Results of a
Misspent Youth
Joan Jett and the

By reducing rock ’n’ roll to three
chords and a 1-2-34 beat, the Ra-

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