October 28, 2020

1985-02-10 – Daily Record

1985 02 10 Daily_Record_Sun__Feb_10__1985_ 2

D2—Dai1yneeord. NorthwestN.J. Sunda .Februa 10.1985 I


New ‘Who’ release will lea ve fans asklng ‘ What?’ and ‘Why?’

W tour itself WIIO' S Last (MCA MC“-
33;" 33:5" 8018)showsthebandtrashing all
W their cherished ideals in the name of
Who'g Last some cheap iast-minute profits.
The Who What makes things worse is that

This double live album. recorded they perform 80 miserably Roger

.on the Who's final American tour in D‘I‘WY'S SiDEiPS betrays his bore
9 1982 is enough to reduce longtime dom “"1 the "kes 0‘ “See M9: Feel

fans to tears And not just because it M93, Pete Townshend barely man-
signals the end of one of rock's proud- ages any guitar work beyond a primi-
est and longest- dived groups. Like the tive thrash. and his few vocals - the



GIVE YOUR “30513993 ’3;

verses of “Long Live Rock," the
“teen- age wasteiand" lines in "Baba
O’Riley"— —sound painfully ragged
and disspirited.

Drummer Kenney Jones, who took
a lot of abuse for his failure to equal
his maniacally inspired predecessor
Keith Moon (an impossible task for
any musician), actually plays better
than anyone else here. particularly
on the numbers that require him to
match the electronic metronome oi
Townshend’s pretaped synthesizer
parts. His drum break leading into
the final lines of “Won’t Get Fooled
Again” may be the album’s most ex-
citing moment. Otherwise, had they
not already used the title, they might
have called this one The Who Sell

Too Tough to Die
The Ramones


Glorious Results of a
Misspent Youth
Joan Jett and the

By reducing rock 'n’ roll to three
chords and a _1_-g-3-4 heat, the Raj -

originaimusicby New Jersey
in conjunction with Its mull hand
contest As on past editions. the 14
songs on New Jersey Rook m
(WDHA DHA-a) cover a wide range
of current styles. from Razor Sharp's
heavy metal to Vertical Motion's syn.
thesiud balladny to tuneful numbers
from the Vero-Gates Band, the De-
cos. Bruce Stephen Foster and vari-
ous others.

All these groups show considerable
skill in putting together iairly sophis-
ticated productions with (preshrun-
bly) limited studio resources. What
they lack is any sense of individuality
or originality. Their songs are syn-
thetic versions of what better-known
hands are doing on the radio right
now. As a result. the album’s most
memorable numbers are two bonus
novelty tracks: the Phil Bemardi
Band’s witty, countryish state an-
them “I Like Jersey Best” and sing-
er-guitarist Tamara Rostni’s comic
“WDHA Treasure Huntin’ Blues.” in-
spired by a station contest.

Still, the album is certainly listen-

ahle enough, and it provides a valu-
able forum for musicians who might

-LL-__..:_- -- .._L-__.l IllhI'A _-‘__L_