October 19, 2020

1985-02-22 – The Palm Beach Post

1985 02 22 The_Palm_Beach_Post_Fri__Feb_22__1985_

The Who: Never can say goodbye

cades together. Millions of Who fans
respects and say so long for good.
Now the Who are back, two long
years later, to bid farewell once
again, this time with a double album
of material culled from American
and Canadian stops on the ’82 tour.

By Patrick Ercolano

1h. Idlinon Evening Sun
Some people find it difficult to say
goodbye. Take The Who, the once-
great, now-defunct British rock band.
In 1982 the quartet planned a “fare-

well” tour of the world, calling it
quits after nearly two tumultuous de-

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““ ’ .< . . THURS. NIGHT lADIES' NIGHT All LADIES The package is titled “Who’s Last" (MCA). The temptation is strong to say u Cam 9! Who . Perhafimthe best thing that could hesaida ttheWhowasthatitwas a hand of nearly peerless passion. The electricity of the music came across in the band’s recordings but especially in its live perfonnances. That’s why “Who’s Last” is a sad final testament. Each of the 16 songs included here are played cleanly and with ohviom skill, but with virtually no fire. Great rock anthems such as “My Generation,” "Baha O’Riley,” “Won’t Get Fooled Again," “Pinball Wizard” and others become great yawns. A large part of the problem, of course — and a large part of the reason the Who are no more — is that . these guys, even three years ago. were no spring chickens. Forevidenceyouneedlooknofar- ther than the album photos of vocal- ist Roger Daltrey, guitarist Pete Townshend, bassist John Entwistle and drummer Kenney Jones. The hand didn’t quite die before it got old. As for poor Kenne Jones . . . He’s taken a lot of heat or not being as werful a drummer as the late eith Moon, so it would seem unfair to rap Jonas further. Still, what the heck? Kenney may he a decent drummer, but these songs are simply not the same without Moon’s frenetic pounding. Then again, by this stage, a lot of things about the Who weren’t the same as before. If you want to remember (or find out) what the Who were about, listen to “Who’s Next,” not “Who’s Last.” Who’s kidding whom?