October 28, 2020

1985-03-31 – The Orlando Sentinel

1985 03 31 The_Orlando_Sentinel_Sun__Mar_31__1985_ 2

1. John Boy, Mary Ellen, Jim-
Bob, Elizabeth, Jason, Erin,

. 2. Richard Thomas (John
Boy), J udy Norton-Taylor (Mary
Ellen), David W. Harper (Jim-
Bob), Kami Cotler (Elizabeth),
Jon Walmsley (Jason), Mary
Elizabeth McDonough (Erin),
Eric Scott (Ben). You are a
bona fide trivia whiz if you
know that, towards the end of
the show’s run, John Boy was
played by Robert Wightman.

3. An American Tragedy by
Theodore Dreiser.

4. Walk, Don’t Run (1966).

5. John Prime.

6. John Mills and Alec

7. 1970.

8. Kevin McCarthy and Dana

9. The Rock Who’s Who lists
the birthdates as follows: Pete
Townshend, May 19, 1945; Van
Morrison, Aug. '13, 1945; Bette
Midler, Dec. 1, 1945; Davy
Jones, Dec. 30, 1945.

10. Dangerous (1935) and
Jezebel (1938).

Who she is

Many film critics felt that
Donna Pescow, who started her
career as a singer, should have
received an Academy Award
nomination for her Saturday
Night Fever performance (she
played the girl rejected by John
Travolta). Pescow, 31, went on
to star in the TV series Angie
(1979-80) opposite Robert
Hays. Recently, she has guest
starred in other TV series. Cl