October 22, 2020

1986-01-03 – South Florida Sun Sentinel

1986 01 03 South_Florida_Sun_Sentinel_Fri__Jan_3__1986_


THE WHO: Who's Mining

Thanks to Pete Townshend’s
obsessiveneas and his almost aca-
demic a roach to the study of rock
’n’ roll, e Who’s career has been
pretty thor-
oughly documen-
ted, both in
words and on vi-
nyl. This collec- .
tion of B-sides
and previously .-
unreleased ma- '*
terial is a nice
gun lergent to . -

e n ’s 1974
batch of rare 70"”59“

. cuts, Odds and Sods. (Both albums,
by the way, feature liner notes by
Townshend.) Side one examines the
group’s early devotion to American
' music, primarily R&B, but also surf
music; side two shows the band dur-
ing its ’703 heyday and includes a
wild, fiery live version of Bargain.