October 22, 2020

1986-01-03 – The Jackson Sun

1986 01 03 The_Jackson_Sun_Fri__Jan_3__1986_

’Who's Missing' *‘k‘k
The Who (MCA)

Thanks to Pete Townshend’s
obsessiveness and his almost
academic approach to the study
of rock ’n‘ roll, The Who’s ca-
reer has been pretty thoroughly
documented, both in words and
on vinyl. This collection of B-
sides and previously unreleased
material is a nice complement
to the band’s 1974 batch of rare
cuts, “Odds and Sods.” (Both

albums, by the way, feature -

liner notes by Townshend.)

Side one examines the group’s
early devotion to American
music, primarily R&B, but also
surf music; side two shows the
hand during its ’703 heyday and
includes a wild, fiery live ver-
sion of “Bargain.” Though pri-
marily of interest to comple-
tists, this album paints a fascin-
ating picture of one of rock’s
most important groups.

Rotting. Stone rates records trom one star
to two m ascending order.