October 21, 2020

1986-01-16 – The Daily Tar Heel

1986 01 16 The_Daily_Tar_Heel_Thu__Jan_16__1986_

The Daily Tar HeeI/Thursday. January 16. 1906/5


U Pete Townshend — White City - With
White City, Townshend‘s solo career
has entered a new era. He seems to have
shaken off the demons that used to
hound him: drugs, alcohol, and the
Ghost of the Who. One of the album’s
best tracks. the ironically titled “Bril.
liant Blues,“ symbolizes his new con-
tentment, and it resolves his ambiguous

- feelings toward his past. He sings “It’s
time, to live" and “The brillant blues
will never flow this way again.” Town-
shend speaks with more authority and
experience than ever before. The rolling,
anthemic “Give Blood” condemns those
who expect praise for good deeds, while
proposing that we give love instead of
blood and expect nothing in return, for
we deserve nothing. This is strong,
moving material from one of rock’s
great masters.