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1986-01-26 – The Sydney Morning Herald

1986 01 26 The_Sydney_Morning_Herald_Sun__Jan_26__1986_

with SCOTT j


Pete Townshend finds his
way back to a White City

ETE Townshend. now City, his fin: solo album in them but I admire the way that of Eric Clapton. (Who isn't?)
P cIean after his two-yesr three years (and also a video ““W'VO “8'19" ‘0 ["93" "51" 'MY 905"! playing III!
obsession with drug; he's written, directed and cur. the old traditions that are in always been simplistic and
and gpcohol, i. gnjoying m. in). is artistically very sound me. I still fool the best thing rhythmic, not the kind of Eric
wmmu: 11.. Who and "val. in and not steeped in tha that could have happened to Clapton Iucidity. I'vs mar
working go“) for m purify. traditions of music which The ms is that I'd be called up, put boon able to gotthlt off,”
The “-yoar-old guitarist Who won. Townshond. in thc army and sent out to Townshend says.
sayg; "I don't "g... Inga", however. fools tradition is sons battlefield. People might In Whit. City(tho video)
The Who and | don't "gm mg embedded in him. think that that's a bit sick, but I Townshsnd plays someone the
end 0111.. Who, butlenioy, He says: "I Iookatpsopis think I washrought uptodo sums ago. sndwiththsssms
and always h". .nioygd. that In five or 10 years that. mined to do that and I accomplishments as himssII.
writing, working and recording young" than me and - I mpoctod people who did that. Someone who has travelled
on my m, | find it a y." pm, wouldn't say I’m jealous oI My fathu and grandfather did around Ind comss horns to find
> itsnd I had to do it in his roots.

way to work. I can take the
criticism that accompanies
that much more 935in and I
don't feel I'm compromised at

“But I don't regret any oftho
time with The Who,’ he said in
a recent intorview.

‘I sometimes think it might
have been better for The Who
to have finished when Keith
Moon died (in September.
1378), but I don‘t really regret
the Inst few years because
:hey were important in one
:5: scisl respect. In America,
and uniquely in America, I
discovered a completely new
audience from 14-yoar-oids up.
The lattsr stage of The Who,
post Ksith's death, wss a very
important one."

Townshsnd wrote nosdy sII
of The Who songs which then
became classics. My
Generation. Happy Jack.
Substituto and many others
will always be remembered in
the same light as many Stones
and Beatles songs. And his

rock 'n' toll (lsughs)."

The last years of The Who
was a war of sorts for the
guitarist. In 181 Townshsnd
left his family and drowned
himself in London's now
tomantic club scene. He drank
a lot - once he almost disc! in
Steve Smngo's Club For
Heroes when his heart stopped
nftsr too many drinks - and
got into cocain- snd tho
tranquilliscr. Atsvin.

His moth" made him reaIiss
ho was an alcoholic and drug
lddict and in January 1382, he
wont to Meg Patterson in
California (she helped Eric
Clapton overcome his
two-yoar addiction to heroin)
and cleaned out. 2

Townshcnd. the guitarist. is
respected in the music
Industry and by the public as
one of its finest players. He's
modest about it though. Jeff
Back, in his opinion. is the
finest expressive guitarist in
rock 'n' roll and he's also 3 Ian

He says: "For somoons who
spends 0 lot of their time in the
public eys, I s'poso it's a very
strange thing to say but. I don't
care about success very much.
What it roprssents to me is an
affirmation of the factthat I'm
gutting through. that’s all.

"It doesn't do my ago very
much good ; it creates tevrible
problems in my private life and
Mind it a constant battle to
hold down.

"What it comes down to it In
tho and. I kind of like tho my
things are now. I like to be able
to come home at night, see my
wife and kids, road a book,
answer my mail and think
about the days when the end of
my day would be the incredible
sxcitoment of a show
somowhera in Europe - say
Berlin - and then going back
to a dingy bedroom and sitting
there and trying to find some
way to get to sleep.

'I'd love to be able to do
touring if it wasn't so awful."

craativity and song writing . Pm

excellence have carried 1W
through to I" solo work. White «