October 21, 2020

1986-01-29 – Asbury Park Press

1986 01 29 Asbury_Park_Press_Wed__Jan_29__1986_


orrors! Zounds! And Goodness

Me? The U‘adttionally careful!)
dccomus. “nice." family-lovmg Fifth
Avenue Hallmark greetmg card
emporium now has sunk to a new card
section — for Divorce? ls nothing

Irving Wallace‘s “The Seventh
Secret" had a third printing the day
after it came out . . . Wallace might just
peddle it for a TV miniseries to anyone
who‘ll cast Barbara Stand in the
“Evelyn Hoffman“ (alias Eva Bran)

ro.|e .Sllirley Temple Black‘s
mourning brother Jack ”Pasquale
Willie. founder 45 years ago of
Patsy’ 3 fine West 56th Street restaurant
(and father of his followers in that
splendid tradition Sal & Joey), died last
week . . . Mike Todd will be the
protagonist of a $5 million Broadway
musical; seems there’s a drive to keep
Todd’s name alive: a downtown disco
has a Mike Todd Room.

Prince Charles and Princess Di
masks have arrived at Times Square’s
Marcia the Mask Mavenne’s
(Broadway at 49th Street) shop. They
sell out soon as each shipment arrives.
At $26 a mask, they’re the hottest
Valentine’s Day romantic novelty.

Nicol Willinmson. here for the
Museum of Broadcasting’s (3 E. 53rd
St.) mass celebration of Masterpiece
Theater and other exquisite TV-series
imports) celebrated his and fiancee
Andrea Weber’s fifih twogether-year

' Time Tempers All: Pete
Townshend, who smashed all those
guitars as a member of “The Who,"
just shelled out a rock-gotten million
for the plush Twickenham (London)
manse once Alfred Lord Tennyson’s
pad. No smashed anything planned.