October 21, 2020

1986-01-31 – The Sentinel

1986 01 31 The_Sentinel_Fri__Jan_31__1986_

iN'l‘O Rock


Let‘s rate some of the rock videos
currently being seen on TV :

“Sex As A Weapon,” Pat Benatar
— The problem wih criticizing sex
and violence" in media within a
videoclip IS that the video itself. by
definition. reeks with imagery of sex
and violence.

It is every bit as exploitative as the
object of criticism. Still. the quick
cuts and computer overlays here are
done well. Miss Benatar is hip
enough to accuse herself at “sex
sells" complicity. B—plus.

“Russians." Sting — More back-lit.
black-and-white visuals from the
head Police-man in a disturbing.
1984-ish piece. The close-ups ane so
tight. you can count his pom.

As with much of Sting’s solo work.
“Russians" is selt-important and
pretentious. .. but give the guy marks
for stretching. B-minus.

“Sara." The Starship — "Risky
Business" co—star Rebecca De
Momay appears in this clip‘s title
role. Her color footage is intercut
with singer Mickey Thomas’
black-and-white recollections of life
on 3 Dust bowl farm.

The Starship are old. but they‘re
not that old. This rock video is
confused and stupid. D.

“Kyrie,” Mr. Mister - Concert
footage is interspersed with
seli-congratulatory scenes of the
band‘s rise to tame.

That sudden rise was the result of a
much better clip. “Broken Wings. "
This tune isn’t bad. though. if you
like your religion in 4/4 time. C.

“Talk to Me.” Stevie Nicks -— Miss
Nicks seems to be having trouble
lipsyncing here. In fact. she seems to
be having trouble standing up

The video is as overproduc 7d and
overblown as the song itself. a
veritable ego circus for the singer.

“Brothers in Arms." Dire Straits
~ "Money for Nothing" battled for
video honors with "Take On Me"
throughout 1985. Now. Dire Straits
adopt A—Ha‘s charcoal animation
technique for their understated
album title ballad.

The results are lovely enough that
you forgive them the theft. The video
is haunting. disturbing. meaningful
and beautiful. .4.

“Lay Me Down Easy" Roger
Daltrey -— Sporting a GQ hairstyle
and black leather jacket. Daltrey
duets with songwriter Bryan Adams
on this formulaic rocker. Going from
Pete Townshend to Adams is like
moving from Malibu to Mudville. C.