October 26, 2020

1986-04-18 – The Sentinel

1986 04 18 The_Sentinel_Fri__Apr_18__1986_


Lalesi video crop mediocre

By Ethlie Ann Vare

The latest crop of video releases
has little to recommend it, aside
from an ever—increasing
sophistication in technology that
allows the clips to have a softer,
subtler overall look.

The sound, however, is a different
matter. _

Here are my ratings. .. ln

descending order:
0 Pete Townshend. “Second Hand

Love" -— The new clip from ex—Who
frontman Townshend’s “White
City" video album doesn't have the
punch of the earlier “Face the

But it still offers the real — and

all too rare — pleasure of good

musicians simply playing good
music. The public swimming pool
set provides an opportunity for
some gratuitous T&A ~ an
opportunity that the videomakers,
thank goodness, don’t take. Grade:

- Mike and the Mechanics. “All 1
Need’s a Miracle " — This wimpy
song is unworthy of its clever video,
a veddy British scenario of
underworld villains and a struggling
pub band.

That the “struggling pub band” is
made up of members of Genesis,
Squeeze and Sad Cafe we will have
to overlook. Grade: B

- Bryan Ferry, “Is YourLove
Strong Enough " — This tune was

tacked onto the long—delayed Tom
Cruise movie “Legend” with the
sole purpose, apparently, of
providing a promo video clip.

lt solves the dilemma of how to
intercut film footage with
performance footage by simpl y
having Ferry sing in front of a
movie screen running the flick. And,
in truth, it does interest one in
seeing the fantasy film.

But the {act that star Cruise never
shows up makes one wonder if his
agent knows something that we
don't. Grade: B-

. Modern English. "Ink & Paper "

—— In keeping with the theme of this

synth-pop ditty, printed words
continually pop up in front of and in
back of the band. Since the printed
words are completely at odds with
the sung lyrics and since it’s
difficult to read one sentence and
listen to a totally different one, the
lyrics tend to get lost.

This is, however, no great
tragedy. Nice camera work. Grade:

' A Flock of Seagulls, “Heartbeat
Like a Drum ” ~ Remember Phil
Collins’ pistiche clip of “Don‘t Lose
My Number," where he lampooned
video cliches by utilizing all of
them? A Flock of Seagulls does the
same thing here , only they aren‘t

Tlmeonce # and hopefully future
— hairdressers have created a video
not bad enough to be camp and not
good enough to be anything else.
Grade: C-

- Jermaine Jackson, “I Think It ’5
Love” The song title should be
sufficient to clue you that this clip
will be an exercise in mediocrity. A
mundane phony performance video,
its only angle is that J ackson's
phony backing band is made up of
phony female musicians instead of
phony male ones.

Jackson should try listening to
Prince concerts instead of just
looking at them. Grade: C-

- Starship, "Tomorrow Doesn ’t
Matter Tonight " -, Tomorrow
hasn't mattered for these relics
since 1968‘ This diabolical piece
features a band that looks like the
Jefferson Starship — but sounds like
either Heart or Journey or Mr‘
Mister or Loverboy or Asia --
playing in a nightclub that’s located
either in West Hollywood or on
Mars. Grade: D

Pete Townshend