October 22, 2020

1987-02-13 – Tallahassee Democrat

1987 02 13 Tallahassee_Democrat_Fri__Feb_13__1987_

GD/Tallahassee Demoaat/FII . Feb 13,1987

Radical arrangements make Townshend’s ‘Deep End’ fun

By Steven Wine
AM Pnae

“Deep End Live!” (Atco) -
Pete Towuhend

Band: that try to revive the mu-
aic of the [9505 uaually succeed

only in kicking the corpee. but
there will always he room for the
sounds Setter makes

'Deep End Live!" includea two oaity that in too often interrupted long. The aound moat often I: rock-
covers as well u eonp Townehend by sin; abilly. but Setter playa country on
recorded eolo or with The Who. On M‘fxoclt Therapy." guitarist "One Hand Looae. " punk on "I
Part of the fun in that he nu radi- Brian Setzer lives up to the band' I Wanna Cry" and dirty Rolling
cal with the anangemenu; "Eye- name by scratching and clawing Stonea licks on “Reckleaa.”
eight to the Blind." {tom The throughtheelower tunea and chew- Unfortunately. while Setzer'a
Who's “Tommy" album. and “I Put in: up the {alt onea like so much playing eenda the album into orbit.
II Spell on You.” a Creedence Clear- cat food. Setzet plays an if he's on Lee Rocker'e ain in; bring: it back

The former Who guitarist {01- water Revival hit. bear little resem- the verge of loaing control. but he to Earth with a tone.
luwed 1985's lively "White City" shend's talent and shows that more blance to earlier versions. alweye lands on hie feet. Bends that try to revive the mu’
Concept video with avideo of acon- than tWo decades after the “British 0 e e The Stray Cate give their ace sic of the 19500 usually succeed
cert he performed in Brixton, En- Invasion." Townshend still has “Rock Therapy” (EMI Amer- plenty of chances to shine — moat only in kicking the corpse, but
gland. This soundtrack documents plenty to say and the chops with ica) — Stray Cata of the breaks are 32 bars and there will always be room for the

the depth and hteadth of Town- which to do it. Here's an album of guitar virtu Setzer gets two or three solos per sounds Setzef makes.