October 26, 2020

1987-02-14 – Journal Gazette

1987 02 14 Journal_Gazette_Sat__Feb_14__1987_

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In the Groove: Townsend,


MENU"! (Moo) — Pete’l'ownshend

‘ ,1! forced to say something nice about the
flbct of video on popular music, say it has
igupired Pete Townshend.

.The former Who guitarist followed 1985's
Igyely White City concept video with a
uideo of a concert he performed in Brix-
M England. This soundtrack documents
the‘depth and breadth oi Townshend's tal-
. gut and shows that more than two decades

alter the “British Invasion," Townshend
still has plenty to say and the chops with

Deep End Live! includes two covers as
well as songs Townshend recorded solo or
with The Who. Part oi the fun is that he
gets radical with the arrangements;
Eyesight to the Blind. from The Who's
Tommy album. and I Put a Spell on You, a
Creedence Clearwater Revival hit, bear
little resemblance to earlier versions.

Pinball Wizard is simply Townshend
singing and strumming. with the crowd

pmviding backup vocals. Elsewhere, the
grooves are filled by keyboards, an air-
Townshend'ls bummed out about love
through much oi the record. But he
Enough, singing: “Your love's so incredi-
ble. your body so edible. you give me an
overdose oi love. Just a little is enough.”
Townshend gives us a happy ending, and
it’s clear his career is int from finished.
Rock Therapy (EMI America) — Stray

Here's an album oi guitar virtuosity that

is too often interrupted by singing.

On Rock Therapy, guitarist Brian Setzer
lives up to the band's name by scratching
and clawing through the slower tunes and
chewing up the test ones like so much cat
iood. Setter plays as ii he’s on the verge oi
losing control, but he always lands on his

The Stray Cats give their ace plenty of
chances to shine — most of the breaks are
32 bars, and Setzer gets two or three solos
per song. The sound most often is rockabil-
ly. but Setzer plays country on One Hand

Stray Cats reviewed

We,punk on I Wannaayanddirty
Rolling Stones licks on Reckless.
Unfortunately, while Setzer’s playing
sends the album into orbit. Lee Rocket's
singing brings it back to Earth with a

drone. Rock Therapy was the result oi the
Stray Cats' briei reunion. and Setter

would be better 0!! on his own. playing in-

Bands that try to revive the music of tin

1950s usually succeed only in kicking the _

corpse. but there’ll always be room for the
sounds Setzer makes.