October 22, 2020

1987-03-14 – The Paris News

1987 03 14 The_Paris_News_Sat__Mar_14__1987_

Record Review

Townshend is down on love
with newly released album

lty Steven Wine
(HStIL‘iiltl'tl Press Writer
”Um'p Fm} Lit'l’!” — (Atco)

If fnrccd tn say something nice
about the cited 01‘ video on popular
music, say it has inspired Pete

The former Who guitarist follow-
ed IEIBfi's lively "White City" con-

cept video with a video of a concert

he performed in Brixton, England.
This soundtrack documents the
depth and breadth of 'I‘ownshend’s
talent and shows that more than
two decades after the “British in-
vasion," 'l‘ownshond still has pieno
ty to say and the chops with which
to (in it.

"Deep End Live!" includes two
covers as well as songs Townshend
recorded solu or with The Who.
Part of the fun is that he gets
radical with the arrangements;
“Eyesight to the Blind," from The
Who's “Tummy” album, and “i
Pm a Spell on You,“ a Ct'codcnce
(?lcarwatcr Itovivai hit. hear tittlo
resemblance tn earlier versions.

“l"inhall Wizard" is Simply
't‘tm'nshoml singing and strumm-
ing. with the crowd providing
hacknp vocals. Elsewhere, the
gmnvcs are filled by keyboards, an
airtight hm'tl suction and rich


Townshend ts bummed out about

love through much of the record.
But he changes his tune on the

soaring “A Little Is Enough,” sing-
ing: “Your iovc's so incredible.
your body so edible, you give me an
overdose of love. Just a little is

'l‘ownshcnd ives us a happy en-
ding, and it‘s 0 ear his career 15 far
from finished.