October 25, 2020

1987-04-17 – Fort Lauderdale News

1987 04 17 Fort_Lauderdale_News_Fri__Apr_17__1987_

By ANTHONY Decuans
Honing Stone

Fulton Street - An Anthology

Unlike most greatest hits collec-
tions, 24 Fulton Street serves a real

urpose. Its four sides and 25

sacks make a wonderfully con-
hncing case for the range and
breadth of the Jefferson Airplanes’
. The hits are here, of course -
Somebody to Love, White Rabbit,
Volunteers and Wooden Ships But
lesser-known tracks such as Mar-
tha, Won ’t You Try/Sa turday AI-
temoon and Toda y display surpris-
ing power. The detailed liner notes
by writer Ben Fong-‘l‘orres and the
breakdown of the LP’s sides by cat-
egory (Beginnings, Psychedelia,
Revolution and Airplane Parts)
also prove helpful and enlighten-

2400 Fulton Street is a delight in


m ) ana ur mu am: we blues impe-
riais (Young Thing). And if you
don’t think the blues can handle the
complexity of the modern world,
check out Michael Coleman’s sting-
ing Woman Loves a Woman —
which means exactly what it says.

THE WHO: Two’s Missing.

With Pete Townshend’s two an-
thologies and collections like this
one, the Who may possibly be the
belt-documented of the major Brit-
ish bands.

Two’s Missingeonsists of Who B-
sides, live tracks and songs previ-
ously unreleased in America. Of
the 14 tunes here, the covers of the
Stones’ Under My Thumb and The
Last Time, the live version of My
Wife, and the gems Circles and
Daddy Rolling Stone hold the great-
est appeal. True believers might
equally value the covers of the
blues classic I ’m a Man and Martha
and the Vandellas’ Heatwa ve.